Stock 8710
Type New Car Carriers
Year/Make 2018 Hino
Mileage 312
Engine 260 HP
Transmission Allison Automatic

2018 Hino Model 258 260HP J08E-AT 6 Cylinder turbo Diesel 660lbs torque. Allison 2200 RDS Transmission with park. Power Windows. Power locks. Cruise Control. AM/FM CD player, 19.5 245/70R tires. Tilt Telescoping steering wheel. Suspension seat Driver (Fabric cover) Two-man passenger (Fabric cover). Air Brake package. Chrome Grille. Chrome Mirrors- Heated Mirrors. Power windows. Power locks. Chrome bumper. Exhaust brake. Heated mirrors. 52-gallon Aluminum fuel tank. 8,000lb front axle. 17,500lb Rear axle. 4.11 Rear End Ratio. 19,000lb Hendrickson Air Suspension w/dump valve. Daytime Running lights. Block heater with Steel White powder coated wheels. 19.5 x 7.25. .. EPA 10 Compliant SCR. Cold weather package. Driver Information Display LCD. GVWR 25,500. 3-year unlimited Mileage engine Warranty. 2-year Unlimited basic Vehicle. Trans, 7-year Unlimited Mileage. 5 year 250K Mile Engine & Emissions Warranty. 

New for 2018  FSW Group chassis: 

17MY Connected Vehicle, Telematics, Remote diagnostics case Management, Extended After treatment 5yr/250k included. Allison Fuel Sense Basic, See Hino Website for more Details & Limitations,

Century 21.5' Steel LCG (Low Center of Gravity) Carrier w/ Wheel Lift, 3/16 Deck Plate, 3x2 Corten Tube Crossmembers on 8 inch Centers, (4) Rear Chain Locks, (2) Front Chain Locks, (6) Floor Plate Chain Locks (3 per side), 8,000lb Worm Gear Winch, 3/8" x 50' Winch Cable, Illuminated Dual Controls, FMVSS 108 Lamp Group Shock Mounted Lighted, Direct Mount Pump, Cable Roller Guide w/ Tensioner, Winch Free Spool Extension, Back Up Alarm, (2) Safety Chains, Mechanical Anti-tilt, Black Body Paint, 102" Wide Body, Inboard Tilt Cylinders, Floor Level Roll Formed w/ Punched Stake Pockets, 4,000lb Wheel Lift w/ Releasable L Arms, Fully Hydraulic Wheel Lift, (2) Safety Straps & Ratchets, (2) Rear Safety Chains, Body Lock w/ Nylatron Toller Bearings, & 12,000lb Deck Load Rating. Serial #  215L12S02660HI17

3/16” Deck Plate (10-20, Steel)  1                                            

Conventional Wheel-Lift (10-16) 1                                            

Slide In Steel Tube L-Arms (10-16)             1                                            

Standard Approach Plate (Steel) 1                                            

0- Lights on Pylon             1                                            

102" Wide (12-40, Steel)               1                                            

21.5’ (10-16)       1                                            

5-Light Configuration (10/12 Series)        1                                            

6-Spool Capable               1                                            

8,000 Lb. Worm (10-16) 1                                            

Bed Mtd. Cab Protector (10-16) 1                                            

Deck Centered - 11 Chain Lock Package (10-16, Steel)      1                                            

Dual Angle SST (Check Rail Requirments, 10-16)  1                                            

Floor Level Roll Formed with Removable Aluminum Blade Rail (Steel)       1                                            

Manual Shift Free Spool(10-16)  1                                            

Marker Lights - 2.5" Round          1                                            



Hot Shift PTO (Allision or Aisin - 6 Bolt)   1                                            

9-Wire Loop Cable Option (10-40)             1                                            



ACC: Air Hose, 50': (F)7092RMA-600; (W)69711; (G)RR30806        1                                            

ACC: Air Inflate Kit: (F)68272; (W)68271; (G)61387            1                                            

ACC: Fire Extinguisher, 5 lb.: (F)466425; (W)B500T; (G)USA10-22 1                                            

ACC: Flashlight with DC Charger, Streamlight LED PolyStinger       1                                            

ACC: Fuel Can, Diesel, 5-Gallon, Yellow   1                                            

ACC: Fuel Can, Gas, 5-Gallon, Red             1                                            

B/M: Circuit Breaker Bracket       1                                            

B/M: Fuel Can Bracket, Dual, Steel, GWTE, for Dodge       1                                            

B/M: GoJak/Condor Cycle Loader Mount for Carrier Toolbox End 1                                            

B/M: Jumpstart/Air Coupler Bracket, Universal   1                                            

B/M: Toolbox Brackets, No Air Fitting, Pair, GWTE             2                                            

BOD: Midship Turn Signal Boxes, Aluminum, Pair               1                                            

BOD: Quarter-Fender Kit               1                                            

EW: Allison 2200RDS Extended Warranty              1                                            

LB: Whelen Justice, 12-Head, Amber, 62"               1                                            

LIT: Back-Up Light, Rectangular, 3" x 5", 18-LED, Pair         1                                            

LIT: Breaker, 80-Amp, add 1 for each Jumpstart connection           1                                            

LIT: Control Panel, 9-Button with TA Option, Brooking (F) FSW-995 KIT; (W)BR995; (G) GWTE-995 KIT        1                                            

LIT: ICC Lights, Three, 3/4", Red, Round for DOT Light on Pylon    1                                            

LIT: Jumpstart, Associated Box-Mount, Rear - No Cables (Add Cables Separately) 1                                            

LIT: Jumpstart, Associated Cables, 500-Amp, 30' - Cables Only (add Flush- or Box-Mount separately)          1                                            

LIT: Jumpstart, Associated Flush-Mount, Front - No Cables (Add Cables Separately)            1                                            

LIT: Marker Light, 2.5" Round, Amber, Additional in Pylon, Carrier              6                                            

LIT: PTO Light, LED           1                                            

LIT: Power Protector Box - for VIN# Starting with "J"         1                                            

LIT: Strip Light, 45", White, LED, Mounted on Cab Protector          1                                            

LIT: Strip Lights, 36", White, LED, in Carrier Toolboxes, Pair            1                                            

LIT: Strobes, Amber Grille Lights, ST-6 Super-Thin, Pair, Chrome Bezels, Backing Plates, Wire Harness         1                                            

LIT: Strobes, Amber, M53, Clear-Lens, LED, Pair, for Tailboard Sides, Wire Harness              1                                            

LIT: Tow Light Bag with LED Tow Lights and Magnet Boots             1                                            

LIT: Worklights, 4" Round, LED HD, Pair, Mounted at Winch, 1200 Lumens             1                                            

LIT: Worklights, Rectangular, 9-LED, Pair, as Upper Worklight Application.              1                                            

SH: Air Coupler, Front (F) 27808; (W) Auto Coupler; (G) 68237      1                                            

SH: Air Coupler, Passenger-Side Control Station SH: Air Coupler, Front (F) 27808; (W) Auto Coupler; (G) 68237       1                                                 

SH: Shop Supplies            1                                            

TB: PolyFloor, Black, 50 Squares 1                                            

TB: PolyFloor, Installation             1                                            

TB: Toolbox, Aluminum, 69", Driver-Side, SS Door, Integrated Top Tray, Equipment Brackets          1                                            

TB: Toolbox, Aluminum, 69", Passenger-Side, SS Doors, Integrated Top Tray, Equipment Brackets 1                                            

TOW: 8-Point Tiedown, Chain/Chain        1                                            

TOW: Bridle, Chain, Cluster Hook Assemblies      1                                            

TOW: Bridle, Polyester, Cluster Hook Assemblies               1                                            

TOW: Chains, 10', 15" J-Hooks, Grade 70, Pair      1                                            

TOW: Strap Kit with Bag, Motorcycle, Carrier, Canyon Dancer       1                                            

TOW: Strap, Steering Wheel        1                                            

TOW: Tiedown, Cluster, with Chain Ratchet          4                                            

TOW: Trailer Ball Kit, Convert-A Ball         1                                            

WH: Hub Covers, Front, Stainless Steel, Pair          1                                            

WH: Hub Covers, Rear, 10-Lug with 8.25" Axle, Pair           1                                            

WH: Lug Nut Cover, 33 mm Front, SS, 2-9/16"      20                                          

WH: Lug Nut Cover, 33 mm Rear, SS, 2-1/16"       20 

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