Stock 8688
Type New Heavy Duty
Year/Make 2018 Kenworth
Mileage 3174
Engine 350
Transmission Allison Automatic

2018 Kenworth  T-370 ISC 350HP Allison Auto HD. 56 gallon aluminum tank  23K Rear Axle. 23,000lb Air Ride rear suspension with Dump Valve. Power, Heated Brite Mirrors. Power windows, Power Locks. Chrome bumper. 22.5 Aluminum wheels. Corner Windows Cab.  Aluminum Visor. Air ride Driver seat. Tilt wheel. Cruise control, AM/FM CD. 156" CA.  Diamond plate step-Battery box cover. 33,000 GVWR 


STANDARD FEATURES; Dual Control Stations; Pressure Gauges; Hour Meter; Hydraulic Pump; Diagonal Hydraulic Rear Spades w/Flipper Feet; Tailboard Tiebacks; Safety Chain in Rear Pockets; Air & Electric Hook Up

BOOM FEATURES; Power Elevation; Power Extension; 360° Sheave Head; Cable Tie Backs; Dual Planetary Winches; Cable Tensioners; Single Grease Fitting for Lubrication;of Inner Boom Top Pad; Winch Air Free Spool

UNDERLIFT FEATURES; Power Tilt’; hydraulic Fold; 3-Stage Design; Low Profile Fork Holders; 8 FXN Wireless Remote Control, w/Charging/Docking Station; 9 Sets of Cast Steel Forks  • Short Axle Fork

• 3” Short   • 3” Medium  • 3” Tall • 4.5” Short  • 4.5” Medium    • 4.5” Tall • 6” Short Offset  • Round Axle Fork; Pivoting Spring Lift Adaptors; Chain Hook End Caps; Pivoting Spring Lift Adaptors    

BODY FEATURES; Aluminum Modular Body; w/Rubber Mounting Isolators; Chrome Double Action Latches,w/Remote Lock/Unlock, LED Body Lighting, Adjustable Shelves, LED Tool Compartment Lighting, Lift Fork Storage

Gas Door Shocks, Chain Storage, Tailboard Fork & Chain Storage, Aluminum Tread-Plate Walkway, Mud Flaps,   BOOM SPECIFICATIONS;  Boom Structural Rating (S.A.E.) ;  Retracted: 30°  20 TON  | Extended: 30° 15,000lbs.

Maximum Angle 40° ,Maximum Hook Height (inches)            190" ,Hydraulic Boom Extension             96",  UNDERLIFT SPECIFICATIONS; Extended Underlift                12,000 lbs. @ 102.5", Retracted Underlift; 24,000 lbs. @ 40"

 Tilt Arc     8°. Tow Rating; 50,000 lbs. WINCH SPECIFICATIONS; Winch Capacity; 20,000 lbs. Winch Type; Dual Planetary Winches; Cable Specifications; 9/16" x 175' I.W.R.C.  Serial #4024T21023K17


D Ring Kit for Jack Leg, Grader Blades, Safety Chain Roller, Quick Connect Air Supply

MMO Power Distribution System

Tailboard D-Rings




LED - Flasher Control Power Unit

12,000 Lb. Tire Lift

15,000 Lb. Underlift Strap Kit

51” Aluminum HD Tubular Pylon

5’ Trailer Plate / Frame Rail Chain

8 Ton Snatch Block (20t-35t)

8/12T Double Snatch Block Storage Kit

Air Line Kit and Storage

Chain Hook Adapter (Pair)

Chain Hook End Caps (4024)

Fifth Wheel Plate (Requires Pintle 124002211)

Fork Risers (4024)

HD Chain Kit - Comprehensive

Hot Shift PTO (MD, HD)

King Pin Tow Plate/Trailer Recovery Loop

LED - Flex Lamp Rear Marker Lights (pair)

LED - Under Body Strip Light Kit(12V)

LED - Work Lights - Lower 70MM (Pair)

LED - Work Lights - Swivel 90MM (Pair)

LED - Work Lights - Underlift (Pair)

LED - Work Lights - Upper 90MM (Pair)

LED Side Light/Strobe Kit (Pair)

MCI Bus Lift Eye Attachments (Pair)

Manual Override PTO (Single Action, HD)

Offset Fork Adapter Extension (pair)

Offset Fork Holders (4x4 Crossbar, 4024, 1016, 512, Industrial Carriers)

Pintle Hook Attachment

Quick Connect Air Supply

Safety Chain Roller Kit (Integrated)

Spacer Kit-Cast Fork

Stainless Trim Kit - 3 Door (Century HD and CX/VX 120" CA)

Tow Bar Light Cord - 60'

Trailer Ball Attachment (requires 124002211)

U Bolt Lift Attachments (Pair)

Whelen 16 Head LED Light Bar - 72"

Whelen M6 Light Kit (Pair)





Electric / Air Shift PTO - HD, CC

Factory PDI for Heavy Duty

Frame Modifications

LED / M6 Lights (Pair Body Mounted)

LED Strip Light Kit

Live Air to Tailboard

Stainless Door Guard (Pair)

Work Lights (Pair)




ACC: Fire Extinguisher, 5 lb.: (F)466425; (W)B500T; (G)USA10-22

ACC: First Aid Kit: (F)ACE6060; (W)50503L; (G)20229

ACC: Flashlight with DC Charger, Streamlight LED PolyStinger

ACC: Fuel Can, Diesel, 5-Gallon, Yellow

ACC: Fuel Can, Gas, 5-Gallon, Red

ACC: Pry Bar, 60"/51" (F)AMES1160100; (W)50020; (G)PPB-51

ACC: Shovel (F)AMES1572700; (W)Shovel; (G)Ame73-1564500

ACC: Splitting Maul (F)AMES1113115200; (W)Maul Axe; (G)TJ-8H

ACC: Trash Can, 4-Gallon, Steel

ACC: Triangle Kit

B/M: Fuel Can/Trash Can Brackets, Deck Mount, GWTE

BOD: Mudflaps, 24" x 18", Pair

LIT: Breaker, 100-Amp

LIT: ICC Lights, Three, 3/4", Red, Round for DOT Light on Pylon

LIT: Jumpstart, Associated Cables, 500-Amp, 30'

LIT: Jumpstart, Associated Flush-Mount, Front - No Cables (Add Cables Separately)


LIT: Strip Lights, 36", White, LED, in Toolboxes, Pair

LIT: Strobes, Amber Grille Lights, ST-6 Super-Thin, Pair, Chrome Bezels, Backing Plates, Wire Harness

LIT: Wide Load Light Bar, Wired, 36"

SH: Air Coupler Plumbed to Toolbox Arm, Passenger Side

SH: Air Coupler, Rear (Wrecker) (F) 27808; (W) Auto Coupler; (G) 68273

SH: Shop Supplies

TB: PolyFloor, Installation

TB: PolyFloor, Red, 50 Squares

TOW: Chain Kit, Axle, 3/8" x 6' with Sling Connectors, QuickBinder Plus Ratcheting Load Binder

TOW: Chain, Recovery, 10', 5/16", Grade 80, Cradle Grab Hooks, Tagged & Certified, Single

TOW: Chain, Recovery, 5', 5/16", Grade 80, Twist-Lock Grab Hooks, Tagged and Certified, Single

TOW: Flare Case (Case Only)

TOW: Flares, 6 (F)0730(x6); (W)7703605(x6); (G)100783(x6)

TOW: Hooks, Self-Locking, 5/16", Gunnebo, for Safety Chains, Pair

TOW: Load Binder, Lever, for 5/16"-3/8" Chain

TOW: Lumber, 4" x 4"s, 48" & 60"

TOW: Strap, Steering Wheel

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