Stock 8624
Type Used Light Duty
Year/Make 2000 Ford
Mileage 439831
Engine 7.3L Diesel
Transmission 6 speed

$ Call (800) 222-4992

2000  XL 7.3L Power Stroke. 5 Speed. Chrome bumper. Chrome Grille. 40/20/40 Bench seat. AM/FM 84" CA. 225/70R 19.5 Tires.  Throttle up. 17,500lb GVWR

Front Tires 10/32  Rear tires 4/32 5/32 4/32 6/32.  

Brakes 80% 

Century 412  Standard Features: Manual Drive & Passenger Side Controls, 1 pair of Safety Straps, Safety Chains in Rear Pockets. Power Elevation, Power Extension, 360 Sheave Head, Cable Tie Backs, Winch(es), Cable Tensioner(s), Manual Winch Free Spool. 2-Stage Design, 4,000 Lbs. 3-Way Pivoting L-arm System. Adjustable Modular Body w/Rubber Mounting Isolators, Tool Compartment Lighting, Driver & Passenger Side Storage Compartments, Removable Access Cover for Hydraulic Filter Service, Back-Up Alarm, Mud Flaps. *Pump not included with 412. Boom Capacity (Retracted). 16,000lbs. Boom Capacity (Extended)4,000 lbs.Maximum Hook Height173.5". Maximum Angle48°. Reach Past Tailgate (Minimum Elevation)81.5" Underlift Capacity Fully Extended4,000 lbs. Reach Fully Retracted35" Reach Fully Extended67" Positive Tilt14° Negative Tilt16° Tow Rating 7,500 lbs. 8,000lb Ramsey winch 100" 3/8 Cable.  412-3577-B00


Pylon - Winch mounted

Lower work lights

Stainless wheel covers

upper work lights



Mico lock

Collins Pop up Dollies 

Rear JSK

Dolly bar Rack

24" Tunnel box 

J hook chains

Diamond plate Rail caps

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